Preschool & Youth Programs at Stoico/FIRSTFED YMCA

Dance: The Stoico/FIRSTFED YMCA is home to Axel Dance Studio, a 10-month progressive dance program that focuses on building self-confidence, coordination, and physical fitness through the performing arts. Classes are offered for dancers as young as 2, and all the way in to adulthood. Each June, the studio puts on a recital, giving dancers an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of the community. Whether you’re just beginning, or have been dancing for years, we have a class for you.

Contact Ashley Keane for more info.

2018 Dance Class Schedule

2018 Dance Rates


Preschool Enrichment: (Ages 2.9-5) Explore and learn. During each class, our budding students will learn new concepts with an emphasis on letters, numbers and colors. Our instructors will read to children, help them create crafts, make snacks, and lead active play time. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays 9:00-11:30 am.

Little Kickers: (Ages 2-5) Children will learn the basics of soccer through fun, skill-based games led by our talented staff. Days and times TBD.

Sports Mix (Ages 3-5) Children will learn the basic skills of a new sport each class while also making friends and learning to socialize with their peers. Days and times TBD




Run Kid Run: (Ages 5-14) Your young athlete will enhance their ability to run during this 8-week program. Children are broken into age groups and will work on age-appropriate skills and distances. Check Program Guide for Days & Times.


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