Camp Massasoit Staff Page

Below is all the employee paperwork that we need to get you hired correctly.
Please call  Joe if you have any questions M. 508.758.4203  C. 508.944.1509 .

1. Seasonal Hiring Procedure Check-list

2. CORI editable form

3. SORI Editable

4. I-9
(Please Review page 9 of this document as you need to make sure you have the proper Identification)

5. Seasonal Certificate

Reference Checks
We need 4 reference checks for each employee and one person needs to be a family member.
6. Camp Reference Check
6. Camp Reference Check
6. Camp Reference Check
6. Camp Reference Check (Family Member that Knows You Well)

7. Application Editable

8. Online Sexual Abuse Prevention Memo
In Addition Child Abuse Prevention We Require the Following Course to be Completed by the First Day of Staff Training. (PLEASE PRINT EACH CERTIFICATE)

  • Day Camp Supervision
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp
  • Aquatic Safety at the Pool
  • Bullying Prevention at Camp
  • Transportation Safety at Camp
  • Playground Safety & Programming at Camp
  • Field Trips & Off-Site Travel Safety
  • Aquatic Safety in Natural Bodies of Water
  • Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp
  • Behavior Management at Camp

9. Child Abuse Code of Conduct

Job Description (Please only print the one that you need most of you will be Camp Counselor)
10. Camp Counselor
10. Camp Leader

10. Camp Specialist
10. Lifeguard
10. Nurse

11. Work Permit Editable

12. Seasonal Policy Agreement Editible


14. M-4 Ma Tax

14. W4 2018

Meal break Waiver

Our Full Training Calendar will be updated by 5/2/2018 – Please check back.