My Y is Every Y

Use Any Facility Y in New England   Click here to view our PSA

We are for healthy living and we want you to stay active and keep moving.  We have now made sure there is a Y wherever you are!

Your Y card now provides you free access to any facility in New England. Simply bring your  facility/full privilege membership card and a photo ID with you, and you can check into any partner Y in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. You can then utilize their gym, pool, fitness, and other wellness facilities, just like any other member!  We simply ask that you maintain a current membership at the Y you visit most frequently.

Please note that some Ys in New England do have restrictions on the number of visits or specific program participation.  View the Ys in New England or you can also visit ymca.net to find the Ys near your travels.

A.W.A.Y. Program | Always Welcome at the Y

When you travel and want to work out or use the services at a Y in another city, you may do so on a short-term basis.  Visiting Y members from 50 miles away or farther are always welcome by showing their membership card.  Stop by the Welcome Desk to ask about the AWAY program.


Registration Starts
Members: December 7, 2015
NonMembers: December 14, 2015

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