Board of Directors

Chairman: Peter C. Bullard
1st Vice Chairman: Steven Romsey

2nd Vice Chairman: Margaret D. Xifaras
Treasurer: Dr. Brian K. Bowcock
Clerk: Kathleen R. Corkum

Members At Large

Anna Christina Cabral, Joseph R. Costa, Thomas P. Crotty, Arthur DeAscentis, Charles N. Decas,  Steven H. Galavotti, Irving J. Goss, Michelle Keith, Cary A. LeBlanc, J.P. Mathieu, Nancy McFadden, Dr. David Milstone, Elise U. Mock,  James A. Muse,  John F. Quinn, Elaine Robertson, William Roth, James R. Rice, Kenneth A. Shwartz, Geoffrey Swett, Lawrence T. Wilson, and David Wright.

Advisory Board

Kevin G. Champagne, Robert Coykendall, James S. Hughes, Deborah L. Hynes, Eugene Monteiro and John S. Musser II


Gary R. Schuyler, President & CEO; Robert A. Trahan, Vice President & CFO; and
Nancy LaRue Bonell, Vice President & COO.


Deb Jorge | Administrative Assistant  djorge@ymcasouthcoast.org

Sept 8th-Oct 26th
Member:  August 18th 
General Public: August 25th

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